About Us

It’s funny how God works in His daughters’ lives. One day we show up to a retreat not knowing a soul, moments later we’ve been introduced to the first real sisters in our lives and are planning retreats for others to experience the same.

We get real around here. We mean, real-real. Sharing our lives, our struggles, and even our gummy bears or goomy bears, as our favorite South Dakotan (Cindy!) likes to call them.

We’ve found such beauty and kindredship by reaching beyond our comfort zone and joining God where He’s leading us. We pray you choose to do the same.

Laura Adams

Laura Adams is a textile and stationery designer who suffers from both the need to know how everything works and a persistent sweet tooth. With a to-do-list (or two, or three) constantly in hand, she is a master of juggling tasks and gives credit for her unending energy to the stash of candy she hides in her pocketbook, desk, and briefcase.

After years of trying to subdue her lifelong obsession with all things paper, Laura finally combined her love of design with what God has been calling her and equipping her to do best: encouraging others. In 2018, she started her stationery company, Laura Adams Creative, which focuses on encouraging others and showing women how to build space in their lives for the things that truly matter.

Laura is the author of The Single Mom Challenge, as well as two Christian southern fiction books, Confessions of a Crispy Mom and Wide Plank Porches under her given name, Laura Frances. She has written for Focus on the Family Magazine, Today’s Christian Woman, Kyria.com, Christian Parenting Today, Crosswalk.com, and Single Matters Magazine, among others. She loves to connect with other women, discuss what faith really (really) looks like in today’s world, and has enjoyed encouraging women all over the southeast as a speaker.

She is married to her biggest cheerleader, Ron, and is a mom to Saige, Knox, and Cullen, and step-mom-in-training to Jake and Allie. Her heart for transparent faith leads her to be open and completely honest with you, and hopes you give her the same. She is honored beyond measure to be the first Executive Director of Sisterhood Ministries. Reach out to her anytime and please, offer her candy whenever you see her. 

Jodie Barrett

Jodie Barrett is a girl who loves Jesus and sharing his word. You can find her driving her orange jeep, with her top up, because most days are just too sunny in North Carolina for her pale skin to take the heat. She and her husband, Thomas, reside in Roanoke Rapids, NC and love spending time with family and friends when they aren’t working in their family business or exploring new places and foods.

Jodie is the mom of two adult children, Ryan, who resides in heaven with Jesus, and Lauren, who resides as a newlywed with her husband, Dylan. While she says she is not a dog person, you can find her caring for her grand pup, Beau-man. They recently learned to kayak together and there is a debate over who likes cheddar cheese the most.

She’s and author of Jingle and Joy, Praying Beneath the Tree, and a ministry leader with Faithfully Following Ministries where she enjoys teaching alongside her energy filled ministry partner, Donna.  Her passion is helping other women discover the treasure of God’s word and encouraging them to move into a close relationship with Jesus.

The ups and downs of life always have her saying, “yet, I will rejoice.”  She most recently experienced a year of great highs and lows as she watched her daughter get married and two months later watched her son be carried home to heaven. Continued evidence to her heart that joy and pain collide here on this earth.

Jodie looks for joy in the everyday things like laundry, waiting in line, cooking, and working out, considering each an opportunity to share God’s love with others! If you smile her way, or even if you don’t, she is likely to begin a conversation with you about groceries, coffee, or your handbag, because she doesn’t like too much quiet, and she just wants to be your friend.

Cindy Krall

When asked to describe herself, Cindy’s first response will usually be “wife to Jeff and mom to Matt, Tay, and James.” It’s a role she cherishes above all others, but God keeps reminding her that she’s also a communicator, both in written and spoken word.

Technically her introduction to the world of publishing began with a story about two valentine hearts, one with lace and one without. What would the heart with lace do for the laceless heart? You’d have to ask her first-grade teacher. She’s the one that liked and shared the book. Since then Cindy has written for ministries like the Pocket Testament League, been featured in online and written devotionals like Arise, and published work in Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Cindy speaks at women’s events—big, small, and in between. Although she loves every setting, her favorite gatherings are the ones that happen around a kitchen table or in a living room. She believes that it’s a glimpse of heaven when women can meet, be real, and experience what God’s Word does best…reveal, restore, and redeem.

Cindy considers her ministry journey over the past decade a privilege, but she’s hugely excited about the next chapter, the one where God has linked the like-hearted women of Sisterhood Ministries.

Cindy left the field of speech pathology when she and Jeff (aka Doc) had three kiddos in three years. Diaper changing took precedence over everything else. She and Doc live in the home he was born and raised in, fifty yards from a small lake in South Dakota. When her young adult children aren’t keeping her busy, you’ll find her on her laptop or a yoga mat. Or in the kitchen licking the spatula from a recent baking project that had something to do with chocolate.

Get to know Cindy better on her website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


Mitzi Neely

Mitzi Neely encourages women of all ages through her experiences and shortcomings. She has been blessed with a passion and love for people that stretches across the generations. Her heart is to lighten your load, while conveying her message that nobody’s perfect. So often God places certain people in your life at just the right moment; whether the reason is to help teach you, help you grow in your walk with Him, or to simply love and lift up others. Whatever your struggle or need, you will find encouragement through her words.

Mitzi is an inspiring motivational speaker, a gifted soloist, an accomplished seamstress and a dedicated career educator.It is her faith that has motivated her to pursue excellence in all her endeavors. Her primary goal has always been to use her gifts and talents as God leads, always waiting patiently before turning to the right or to the left, listening for His voice saying “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:31. Her desire whenever she speaks, sings, creates or instructs is honesty and transparency, such that God receives glory and honor. John 7:18.

Mitzi has been married to her husband Jerry for 34 years, and they have 3 children. She is a woman of faith and prays with incredible passion and conviction, humbly seeking His guidance and will for her life.

Follow Mitzi at peacefullyimperfect.net because the joy of the journey is learning His word together.

Michele O'Leary

After twenty years of military service in the US Marine Corps and calling many places home, Michele O’Leary, and her husband Dan, now make their home in the historic town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. While Michele is an aspiring author, freelance writer, speaker, and small group leader, her greatest accomplishments are her two children, their spouses, and her three precious grand-babies. 

Known now mostly as Gigi, Michele’s passion and calling is to reach women for Christ and help them find their inner beauty, passion, and purpose in the one true source for all of this – Jesus Christ.  Having struggled with her own inner peace and happiness for many years, Michele seeks every opportunity to empower women through the Biblical truth that God has a purpose and plan for every woman that is willing to seek a personal relationship with Him. It is this passion that led Michele to take on a leadership role as a volunteer in Suzie Eller’s Living Free Together ministry. Through that wonderful experience in building and being in community with other women, Michele transitioned her leadership role in the Living Free Together ministry to others, in order to now concentrate on and pour her energy and passion into Sisterhood Ministries.

Michele’s favorite place to be is at the beach. Long walks in the early morning with the tide, waves, and God is her idea for the start of a perfect day. Even if she can’t be at the beach, Michele loves connecting with God in nature and the great outdoors. Often found photographing the cows down the street at a neighbor’s farm, Michele finds the wonder of God in His Creation.  

Michele is working towards writing and publishing her very first book in the coming months. While not formally educated as a writer, Michele relies on God to equip her and to lead her in her writing ministry and her journey of faith with other women.

Kelly O’Dell Stanley

Kelly O’Dell Stanley is a graphic designer who writes. Or maybe a writer who also designs. Either way, when she found the place where writing and design intersected, she discovered that was exactly where she wanted to be. The author of Praying Upside Down and Designed to Pray, Kelly loves to explore prayer and faith in creative ways because she knows that God is the Ultimate Creator. And when she puts her creativity into action, she always discovers more of Him.

Twenty-five years ago, Kelly took a leap of faith and began her own business, doing advertising and marketing for clients across the U.S. Her work has been included in design anthologies and PRINT Magazine’s Design Annual, and she’s received awards from the NAHB, Public Relations Society of America, the Webby Competition, and Art Directors Club of Indiana.

Kelly’s writing awards include first place in Inspirational Writing in the 2013 Writer’s Digest competition. She is a regular contributor to Crosswalk.com, and she’s written for (in)courage, Christianity.comToday’s Christian WomanToday’s Christian Living, Internet Café Devotions, and numerous blogs. Right now she’s thrilled to be vice-president of the Sisterhood Ministries Board of Directors and leading our creative endeavors behind the scenes.

She’s a redhead who does a pretty good job of controlling her temper, a strong believer in doing everything to excess, and a professional wrestler of doubt and faith. (Faith always wins, but some days the competition is fierce.) She’s been married to Tim for a quarter of a century, which officially makes him a saint. And she loves her three quirky grown-or-nearly-grown kids, Katie, Anna, and Bobby. Even if they do call her all the time. (Or maybe especially because they call her all the time.) Connect with her and download free monthly prayer prompt calendars at kellyostanley.com.